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It may be a story only a media insider can love, but John Brummett's disputation of a new reporting gimmick on Channel 7 continues today. He's still not buying the defense of Kristin Fisher's vote-for-your-favorite-story feature. He knew interactivity when you did it at the Afterthought, not by Tweet, Blackberry, webcams, etc.

So you kids get over yourselves with all your mouse clicky.

-Democratic news, which these modernists espouse, and interactivity, which these modernists advocate, net you such things as the online spreading via blog comment sections of horrible, absurd, vicious and disgusting rumors, such as one the last few days I dare not repeat. I was taught as a kid in church and as a young reporter for the Arkansas Gazette that it is wrong, simply wrong, to tell things you don't know to be true.

-I am wholly unimpressed with this TV reporter's assertion that she is pioneering us into a new media and that traditional media such as local TV news need cross-pollination with the Web to engage and drive viewership.

Brummett's exhortation notwithstanding, I have some clickies.

The Arkansas Project, which has been covering this story with the depth once demonstrated by the storied Atlanta Constitution ("like the dew covers Dixie") notes that Brummett and Fisher will have a cage match on the topic at a meeting next week of the Society of Professional Journalists. The Project's David Kinkade also links commentary on the subject in the lively Fayetteville Flyer, another new media player in NWA. It sides with Fisher.

Fisher is going to lug a camera (lug not really being the operative verb for these tiny things) to the debate next week, so Brummett may wind up on KATV's camera after all.

UPDATE: Kinkade digs still deeper into The Great Tweet War of 2008. It would appear the combatants broke bread today at Your Mama's.

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