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Little Rock District Judge Lee Munson today issued what's been described to me as a sweeping gag order prohibiting comments from all law enforcement and any parties in the capital murder case against Curtis Vance, 28, in the fatal beating of KATV morning anchor Anne Pressly.

I was told the order was requested by the public defender. It follows several days of wild rumor-mongering about the case, which prompted a statement yesterday from the LRPD and an e-mail distributed by Prosecutor Larry Jegley, which I repeat on the jump.


There have been a disturbing number of rumors floating through our community about this case.  Virtually all are outright and sometimes vicious falsehoods with absolutely NO basis in fact, yet are being told for gospel by many.  PLEASE refrain from talking about this case in conjunction with any gossip going around!  This Office above all does not need to be the predicate upon which a rumor is repeated, as in "I have a friend who has a sister who knows somebody in the prosecutor's office and they say that BLAH BLAH....".  You see the concern I'm sure.  Quite frankly, I am personally appalled at the utter lack of morality and common decency on the part of so many in our community and expected better of so many people.    Attached is a media release from LRPD which states the truth of the matter: Curtis Vance is the sole suspect in the Pressly murder.  There are NO other suspects whatsoever, regardless of what horrible gossip is on the street.  Period.

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