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Calling down the Huckster



A Huffington Post writer notes Mike Huckabee's new formulation on California's Prop. 8. He refuses to say Californians "banned gay marriage." Though that's precisely what the language of the ballot initiative called for. No, voters affirmed his view of how the world has and should be. Says Ellis Weiner of  "America's Relatively Sane Religious Nut," who's barnstorming the country to sell books and rally the religious Republican base around gay-bashing and abortion for his next presidential run in 2012:

Parody-wise, this kind of fingers-in-ears/nyah-nyah/I'm-not-listening makes its own gravy. Still, it's worth a try. Thus, when Huckabee says that a law that explicitly prohibits X does not prohibit X, but instead "affirms" anti-X, it's like saying that the Volstead Act affirmed traditional standards of sobriety, or that the proscription against murder (from the world-famous Ten Commandments) does not so much ban killing as it affirms traditional modes of being alive.

This "affirmation" scam is not only technically inaccurate (given the title of the measure), but it's logically dishonest and therefore morally debased. It is one thing to affirm that marriage "has and forever has been" between a man and a woman. No one would argue with that. And, having agreed with it, those in favor of gay marriage would add, "...although this state of affairs has and forever has been unfair and discriminatory. This is something we now propose to remedy. We want to expand the possibilities of marriage to include other members of society."

More here on Cracklin' Huckster's Traveling Salvation Show and whether insufficient attention to this message, which Huck argues -- or insufficient attention to the economy -- was to blame for the Republican Party's poor showing this year. Republicans differ. You might remember former Arkansas Republican executive director Clint Reed wrote a farewell arguing for a broader base for the GOP. The Huckster seems to want to narrow it, except when, before different demographic audiences, he doesn't Too bad for Huck that those pesky Internet tubes prevent a candidate from showing only one preferred face to potential voters. The two-faced are invariably outed.

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