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Bill Clinton: It's always something



Bill Clinton agreed to reveal to Barack Obama all contributors to his foundation and also agreed to other conditions so that he wouldn't present a conflict to his wife's future work as secretary of state.

You think that makes everybody happy? Think again.

As Bill Clinton agrees to limit his charitable activities to smooth the way for his wife to become secretary of state in the Obama administration, nonprofit leaders worry that the former president is hobbling his role as a philanthropic leader and violating the trust of his donors by agreeing to disclose their names.


What’s more, Mr. Clinton is expected to divorce himself from the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual meeting of world leaders, wealthy philanthropists, and celebrities. It is unclear how the conference would continue without Mr. Clinton, who has been praised for using the event to bring together donors and charities to make big pledges to fight poverty and ameliorate other social ills. Since it started in 2005, Mr. Clinton says the meeting has generated $46-billion in charitable commitments.

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