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The unnatural state



An environmental group puts Arkansas among the 12 states with the worst-polluting coal-fired power plants. The ranking is another reason to consider whether we trust assurances by the so-called Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality that it can sufficiently protect the environment if it puts another giant poison spewer on line in Hempstead County. The record is not hopeful.

Good news is: 1) An appeal of the air permit should put the brakes on SWEPCO plant construction for at least a year. 2) The Obama administration should not be as friendly to polluters, particularly if coal foe Kansas Gov. Sebelius lands a role at EPA. 3) Tough anti-pollution rules for the SWEPCO plant could mean an added cost that SWEPCO won't stomach unless it can fob it off on retail users and Texas, the main target for this power plant, has already given that idea the bum's rush.

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