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On the burglary beat



The Heights neighborhood web group is the source of an account of  a burglary that offers insight into the professionalism of burglars today:

It was our house that was robbed today. The thieves turned the  electrical breakers off and came in the backdoor. The alarm did sound at 2:06, and they were gone by 2:13 when my husband came home. A parent from the school (thanks A.) heard the alarm going off, and she rang the doorbell/knocked on the door. I believe that she kept the thieves from getting more than they did.

In 7 minutes, they were able to grab more than their share of jewelry and electronics. They came in and specifically targeted our master bedroom, as well as the tv in our den. The police fingerprinted, but who knows if the fingerprints that they were able to get were ours or theirs.



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