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Clinton Foundation bucks



The Clinton Foundation raised $124 million in 2007 and spent $140 million, according to its annual filing with the IRS. You can peruse the whole thing here. Bruce Lindsey is the top employee, at $240,000 per.

You won't find individual contributors (though the rising president might be interested in whether the contributors present potential conflicts with a future secretary of state). The cash position of $90 million, I'm told, overstates the organization's situation. A good bit of that is committed to AIDS-fighting drugs. (But looks to me like there still should be some leeway for a little railroad bridge renovation.)

UPDATE: A Clinton Foundation spokesman says all the organization's excess cash comes in the form of grants for specific programs and that there's little or no discretionary money in the reserve for the long-promised renovation of the rusting Rock Island bridge. But, he adds, the Foundation has raised $5 million for this cause and continues to seek other sources to complete the $10 million necessary.

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