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Squeaky wheels


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The noisy wheels don't always get greased, but they sometimes force a driver to slow down and take a look at what's causing the noise.

Bad metaphor. Sorry.

The news is that some WLR folks unhappy about a road construction proposal by development giant Deltic to help a new shopping center -- to the detriment of a residential neighborhood -- have at least slowed the steamroller. The matter, which was to be before the LR City Board tonight, will go back to the Planning Commission, which had approved the plan, because of alterations made by the developer in its rezoning plan.

UPDATE: Dana Carney, zoning and subdivisions manager with the Little Rock Planning Commission has called back with a bit more detail.

Carney said the application was withdrawn from consideration by the LR City Board at the request of the developer. In Deltic's original plan, Carney said, they had requested that 20 acres along Rahling Road be rezoned for multi-family housing. Deltic now wants that 20 acres zoned for general office space.

"Typically," Carney said, "when they have a change like that, past practice has been to send that back to the Planning Commission." Carney said that the Planning Commission staff will have to study the proposed change to see if it alters their original recommenation (they opposed the rezoning the first go-round) and added that residents in the area will have the opportunity to make their thoughts on the change known.   

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