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Outlook brightens for Edwards



A couple of readers asked for updates on the status of the race for House District 38 between Democrat John Edwards and Republican Kelly Eichler. At last report, with all polling places tabulated, Edwards had a 74-vote lead -- 7,044 to 6,970.

Election Co-ordinator Susan Inman informs me that the county clerk has now determined that 15 provisional ballots were cast election day by voters eligible to vote in that district. There are also 43 military ballots from that district still outstanding that have until the end of business tomorrow to be counted if they arrive. There is no count on how many, if any, of those 43 are in the county clerk's hands.

The provisional ballots and military ballots, if any, will be tabulated tomorrow afternoon. But, absent a foulup in tabulation or counting of the election day and early voting, there are not enough votes outstanding to give Eichler the victory. She has asked for a recount and it will be conducted Tuesday morning, Nov. 18. The results will be certified later that day.

Inman said this is the only race on the Pulaski ballot that could be affected by outstanding ballots, "to the best of my knowledge."

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