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School meeting tonight UPDATE



No holiday today for the LR School Board. They'll be joining district officials tonight at Woodruff Elementary for a hearing on the proposal to close the school and convert it to a pre-K center. Time: 6 p.m.

UPDATE: Here's a response from Superintendent Linda Watson to questions about the plan. On the jump, some further questions from Board member Melanie Fox. And another response from Watson.

I would like a detailed explanation of how the district is going to save 1.3 – 1.5 million.  Fair Park currently cost the district 1.3 to 1.4 million to run and Woodruff currently cost 2 million to run.  I’m getting 600,000 to 700,000.  Maybe it comes out on the revenue side?????  This brings me to my next question…..  We are currently allowed 1095 slots and we are seeking and additional 60 -80 more slots to accommodate 1,486 students.  When will we know if we can have those additional slots?  Also, have we been approved to receive an additional 200 slots for Woodruff Pre-K for next year?

I know that the report states that there will be minimal costs to convert the building for Pre-K but, I remember that the district had to retro fit all of the bathrooms in Fair Park.  Has anyone considered this?  Plus, what new playground equipment will be required and how much will that cost?


I will probably have more questions later after I have more time to read through the report.




We will not have 200 slots at Woodruff.  We will have approximately 152 seats.  We are considering moving 2-3 classes from existing schools and keeping the 2 that are already at Woodruff.  We have requested 60-80 seats from the ADE.  ADE already provides for 1095 students and we have 1150 ABC students in the District. We are expecting an answer from them soon; hopefully, we will have the answer by the December Board meeting.  Yes we have considered cost and will share the information with you at the agenda meeting.

We will give you more information as we progress from this point.  Tonight we wanted to inform the parents, staff and community that the recommendation to convert Woodruff is just a recommendation based on operational efficiency and the projected decline in revenue for the next school year.  Over the next week, we will continue to compile more information regarding Woodruff (as we get questions from you) and the other recommended budget cuts.  The information will be forward to you in your Board Package. 

As stated in agenda meeting, we are not asking you to vote on the recommended budget cuts until the December Board Meeting.   However, I believe it would be best to have a budget session after the agenda meeting.  If you have further questions, please continue to forward them to me so that we may answer all of your questions prior to the agenda meeting.





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