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Lieberman's lever



Somebody has explained to me about Sen. Joe Lieberman's leverage in retaining his Senate chairmanship. Committee seats are assigned in the Senate relative to the size of a party's caucus. This blog says that with 57 seats (counting Lieberman), the Dems would enjoy a bigger edge in committee seats than with 56. CQ Politics notes that the committee membership advantage based on size of caucus is subject to negotiation between the parties. So, while I'm not entirely clear on what the advantage would be, it does seem that the more senators in your caucus the better. And Lieberman apparently benefits by being the senator who puts the Dems at a breaking point for more seats.

Enough to justify letting Lieberman's over-the-top campaign trashing of Obama go unpunished? I hope not. If Begich, Franken or Martin wins, it might be moot.

Be a Democrat, Sen. Pryor.

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