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Killed a deer yet?



The morning newspaper had its annual effusive coverage of the opening of regular deer season. Knock yourselves out guys. But bring me none of that stringy tasteless meat, thanks very much. Or, if you must, grind it first and mix it with a healthy dollop of pork fat before you add a lot of seasoning to make some sausage.

The newspaper coverage would have you believe 400,000 Arkansans trooped into the woods en masse. If so, somebody call the game warden. The feds' 2007 numbers show 334,000 residents had Arkansas hunting licenses. Not all were deer hunters, I'd guess. Not all went into the woods at one swell foop today. As I've written before, hunting has been declining annually in Arkansas and everywhere  because of the rise of city dwellers and the move away from rural areas.

The newspaper coverage included the usual self-interested boast from a Game and Fish employee that "everybody" is in the deer woods.

Uh, not exactly. Arkansas has about 2.9 million people. Thus, even if every single hunting license holder is hunting for deer today (and, be assured, they are not), that still leaves about 2.5 million who are engaged in other pursuits.

My annual dose of reality for the cheerleaders. But, if you live in Grant or Dallas County, I'd still be mighty careful.

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