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Senate 2010? VOTE NOW



If Mike Huckabee does run for president in 2012, it would help if he had a platform from which to make the race. Such as U.S. Senate. I know.  It's less money than he'd like with more limits on outside income. But it's become fashion for senators to land fancy do-nothing jobs for their spouses, so he probably could wangle a supplement for Janet.

But first he has to get in the Senate. The question of the day: Will Mike Huckabee run against Sen. Blanche Lincoln in 2010? Her poll numbers aren't terribly weak, but they are consistently weaker than those of other Democrats. Arkansas trended Republican in this presidential election more than any state in the country. Lincoln's few progressive tendencies are on social issues, perhaps a useful line of attack in Arkansas, judging by recent events. The big money crowd loves Lincoln for her affection for credit card companies, big retailers, farmers and investment houses (and coldness toward struggling consumers). Huckabee's not much of a fund-raiser, but there are ample deep Republican pockets nationally to stuff his treasury, presuming he doesn't siphon off too much for care and feeding of his brood.

What do you think? Could this be THE race of 2010. (Mike Beebe should cruise.) Hey, Kinkade, how about putting The Arkansas Project readership on this question so we can get some balance from the red end of the spectrum.

David Kinkade has graciously created a survey for his readers on the Huck v. Lincoln question. Go here to vote in the Arkansas Times survey on the question. (erk. I screwed up link. I think it's fixed.)

UPDATE: It took me an hour or so before I get my poll working right. Finally, the tallies are coming in.


The Arkansas Project readers favor a Huckabee race 37-21. Here, the count is 38-43 against, or 75-64 total in favor of a Huckabee candidacy.

But ..... I added a second question to the Ark. Blog's poll. Who would the voters favor should Huck run? A runaway. Arkansas Blog readers favor Blanche 61-19. That suggests the desire for him to run among readers here is accompanied by a little malicious pleasure at the thought of beating him.

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