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I haven't forgotten my $50 prize for closest electoral vote predictor. I think it's all but settled, though one elector remained up in the air in Nebraska last I heard and Missouri remains too close to officially call, though it seems likely to go for McCain. I'll review the answers and see if it's possible to award the winner today or if it must wait a bit longer.

I plan a morning review of the entries in the contest for the historic NY Times front page and will announce the winner after I get to the office this morning.

The winner of the NY Times front page is: Diane Robinson, whose daughter dreams of being the next history maker, the first woman president. Send me an address Diane.

On the electoral vote contest: Sound Policy did my work for me last night. The count currently is 364-163 according to Real Clear Politics, with Missouri's 11 likely to go to McCain. Thus the number would be 364 or 375.

Among those close to the number: JD (364); NoZe (369); Zelda (365); BWC (367); Opra (368); Apple Thief (375). But, if the states that apportion by congressional district are accepted as RCP has them, the winner will be either JD or Apple Thief. I think.

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