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'Cultural incompetence'



Appeals Court Judge Wendell Griffen, who leaves the bench at the end of the year, is blogging on political topics and today (sorry, I forgot the link originally) asks for attention and comment on his view of the presidential election. A victory for Obama, yes. Also:

It also represents the cultural incompetence of the Republican Party, its leading strategists, and the rejected candidacy of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The population of the United States has never been homogenous. However, a review of news footage of Republican National Conventions over the past several election cycles quickly reveals that the Republican Party lacks even a respectable handful of non-white attendees at its quadrennial gatherings.

It's a white-faced party, Griffen notes, save a few exceptions such as La. Gov. Bobby Jindal.

However, there is little evidence that the GOP has consulted Jindal about ways to attract other persons of color. Moreover, and tellingly, Jindal has been quoted as saying that he never was approached by John McCain about being a vice presidential candidate. That McCain would not even approach Jindal about being a candidate given his substantial resume, yet chose Sarah Palin (about whom more will be said later in this essay), says a great deal about McCain's ability to evaluate personnel, not to mention McCain's cultural incompetence and that of his political strategists and GOP advisors.


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