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Open line Thursday



Hey, if you can burn a flag as symbolic speech, you can certainly hang one upside down.

Neil Deininger of Deininger and Wingfield, said, " "It's a comment on the election and the economy. I'll leave it at that." Deininger, a financial supporter of John McCain, knows a little something about bad investments, we'd add.

Deininger said he planned to leave the flag upside down and at half  staff for a week, but added that it would be righted for Veterans Day.

Thanks, Jimmy H., for the photo.

And let's just make this the OPEN LINE.

PS ON A NEWS STORY: Looks like a recount of the House Dist. 38 race -- Edwards v. Eichler -- has been requested by Eichler and will be held around Nov. 18. By then, the overseas ballot deadline will have passed and every single vote will count. Edwards leads by 74 votes. Ther are some provisional ballots still up in the air.

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