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I challenged The Iconoclast to better Hillcrest's voting record Tuesday. He/she has trumped me.

Returns from Fayetteville Precinct 5. CS informs me the boundaries are Dickson St. on the south; College on the east, North Street on the north and the campus on the west.

CONGRESS: Abel Tomlinson (Green), 472, or 65.8 percent; U.S. Rep. John Boozman (GOP), 245, or 34.1 percent.

ACT I: For, 118 or 16.3 percent; Against, 602, or 83.6 percent.

FOR LENIENT MARIJUANA ENFORCEMENT: For, 599, or 85.5 percent; Against, 101, or 14.4 percent

Meet you at Maxine's. The pitcher is on me. You'll have to supply the weed.

On the jump, a late-arriving boast from Hendrix College.


Jay Barth notes the vote at the Hendrix campus voting site for students:

President: Obama 249 (81.9 percent) McCain 51.

Act 1: For 39 (13.4%), Against 250 (86.6%)


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