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UPDATE: Obama party crackdown in Jonesboro



Eight people, all Arkansas State University students, were arrested late last night after Jonesboro Police responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex near the ASU campus. Police reports indicate 25 police units responded to a fight that broke out at an Obama victory party made up of about 200 students. However, students are saying the party was winding down and the fight started after police arrived. Bill Saddler, with Arkansas State Police, says ASP troopers in the area responded to calls for back-up, but Jonesboro PD had the situation under control once they arrived. Jonesboro Police could not comment this afternoon, but a press release is on the way. Maybe Jonesboro police officers were bummed about the McCain loss?

UPDATE: According to a Press Release from Jonesboro PD, two officers were attacked after they told the crowd to disperse.  Both were taken to St. Bernard's Hospital and treated for cuts, bruises and abrasions.  Six students were charged with inciting a riot, one with failure to disperse and disorderly conduct.  One student, Jeffrey Boyd, was charged with battery of an officer.  Our question: what's the harm in a little celebration?  Thousands marched down Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C. without incident.

ON THE JUMP: A blog reader adds info.    


My son is a resident of the Grove apartment complex. He says there had earlier been some fireworks shot off, some public drinking, but nothing of notable consequence other than some partyers blocking cars and pedestrians from going to their apartments. Adds that a few McCain supporters had been yelling at the people partying (did not elaborate). Since this was his first presidential election and his candidate won he was pretty upbeat about it all.
He described the scene as annoying because he was back in his apartment and the noise was considerable but he did not perceive any danger (I tend to discount the opinon of 19 year olds regarding "danger").
There has been some chatter on The Den that three of the seven arrested were football players.That should insure the charges go quietly into that good night unless someone got stupid and hit an officer.

Son also said cops told them to get back inside when they came back out to watch. Couple of the arrested got whomped on pretty good and another resident told him he outran the police who fired a Taser at him and missed.

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