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Breaking down the Ark. vote



An upstanding member of the Blog's Loyal Opposition sends a useful link to CNN's exit polling for the state. (Link fixed.) Exit polling is not high science, Nate Silver has educated us, but it's still interesting. Only 95 percent of the black vote in Arkansas went for Obama? Blacks accounted for 12 percent of the vote.

My source is a glass half-full Republican, by the way. Looking at Arkansas, he sees a state that went overwhelmingly for McCain, that picked up seats in the legislature despite stout opposition from the Democratic governor and that showed a ready reception to anti-gay themes. You may be sure Republicans are hard at work looking for ways to hone that last political tool, though I'm not sure what's left. Mandatory stoning?

He also provides the map above from NYT which shows the relative handful of U.S. counties that registered increasing support for a Republican this year. Note with horror ground zero of this perverse trend.

Please read Andrew Sullivan on the revocation of marriage rights for gay people in California. It's equally applicable to all, such as the Arkansas Family Council and opportunistic Republicans, who seek to marginalize this minority.

Ernest Dumas writes on Obama's victory in the Arkansas Leader today.

We have another theory about what guided Obama voters. Famously, George Bush was the fellow everyone would like to quaff a beer with, though he had given up hard drink. People this time decided that intelligence and competence were better requisites in a national leader than chumminess. People had tried ignorance and ineptitude, and they had not worked.

Er, not in Arkansas, though. Not even close. Commentary on our intelligence, maybe?

A PS for Assmunch: Here's the county-by-county result. Grant County leads the pack with a 74 percent McCain vote. Even Benton County could only muster 67.


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