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Oh what a night



YES WE DID: Ark. Dems celebrate at Sticky Fingerz. (Brian Chilson photo)

The Obama landslide dwarfs all of course. (U.S. Senate pickups were nice, too, particularly Al Franken's potential win in Minnesota.) A huge cheer  erupted here at Rumba at 10 a.m for the landslide. The picture of a tear-stained Jesse Jackson will be indelible in my memory.

Other odds and ends closer to home: Looks like incumbent Mayor Dan Coody is in a runoff with Lioneld Jordan in Fayetteville. Earl Hunton, the Democrat, is trailing Republican Rep. Mark Martin for his Washington County House seat. A partygoer here tells me Jason Willett, the former Democratic Party chief, didn't make the runoff for Jonesboro mayor. I'm also told that Sen. Gilbert Baker looks like a likely winner in his race with Democrat Joe White in the $800,000 state Senate race in Conway.Looks like a 55-45 margin for Baker.

Anybody with other news to offer?

UPDATE: My latest report says, according to candidate counts, a virtual dead heat in that House race in the Heights between Democrat John Edwards and Republican Kelly Eichler. He says a five-vote lead. She claims a two-vote lead. There reportedly are uncounted military absentees. A recourt seems certain.

UPDATE II: The Pulaski County Election Commission has nearly completed the tally. Highlights: Judge Villines and Mayor Hays won handily. Other early voting results seem to be holding. Republicans pick up one legislative seat in northern Pulaski County. Kathy Lewison may eke out a victory over Republican state Rep. Sid Rosenbaum in the JP race in WLR.

The Green Party won a House seat and, Jim Lendall tells me, they might have won an assessor's office in Chicot County.

Big individual winner in Arkansas tonight? It might be Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, with his lottery campaign victory.


-- Brian Chilson

On the jump: Dennis "What We Need is another 9/11" Milligan, claims victory for the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Little Rock, AR (November 4, 2008) – Tonight, we claim victory in Arkansas.  I am so proud of our legislative candidates who have fought and won tough elections.  We are still tallying the numbers; however we are gaining seats in the House and retaining Senator Gilbert Baker's seat in Faulkner County.  These candidates have all proven that Arkansas values are Republican values, and I am energized for the future of our Party. 

Obviously, we are disappointed with the results of the presidential election.  Although Arkansas’ six electoral votes will go to Senator McCain and Governor Palin, our country has chosen different leadership and I congratulate Senators Obama and Biden.  I know that many others will be saddened by the results of this election.  This has been a long and arduous campaign, but I am confident in the ability of our people to come together.  Tonight, we begin to pray for unity among our citizenry as we move towards an Obama/Biden Administration.

I am so proud of the hard work of our volunteers in Arkansas – not only did they make a tremendous impact here in our state, but volunteers in our Victory centers and county headquarters made thousands of calls into key battleground states all over the country.  I am thankful for their efforts. 

Tonight, we thank God for our country and our freedom to choose our leadership, and we pray fervently for the future of this great nation.


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