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Live at Rumba!



WE WANT YOU: That's publisher Alan Leverett as Uncle Sam, with pollsters Ernie and Zoe Oakleaf.


Let's make this the open election line for the time being. The crowd is starting to arrive at Rumba, Clinton and Cumberland. Jake da Snake is here. Hugh Mann. Charles Eddie Smith. And there, at left, is Jazzy, who came with Frenchie and more. DBI is still enroute.

The nets have already called Kentucky for McCain as expected. Indiana is too close to call in the early going, a good sign for Obama.

We have CNN, MSNBC and ABC on the TV. A big-screen for web display for coming folks. It's a good night for sitting on the patio.

7:01 PM -- PENNSYLVANIA FOR OBAMA. That's big.

7:32 PM -- NEW HAMPSHIRE FOR OBAMA. Dare I hope?


PARTY CROWD: That's Lindsey Millar and Leslie Peacock of the Times on the right.

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