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School closing?


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A tipster told me that LR School Superintendent Linda Watson had a special meeting with Woodruff Elementary faculty today. I asked the district about it. I was told I wouldn't get an answer until tomorrow. My tipster then said the belief was that Woodruff might be targeted for closing next year. And that another school might follow the next year. A declining enrollment could lead to such decisions. It's all rumor at this point. I"d be sorry for sentimental reasons. Woodruff is one of the district's oldest school. My daughter started entered the first grade there and she turned out fair to middling. Both my kids and I spent a lot of time on the playground on weekends.

UPDATE: A teacher in the meeting confirms the recommendation to close the school at the end of this year, a decision still subject to Board consideration and a public hearing. There was talk Monday of converting the school to a pre-K facility. Teachers were assured they'd have a job elsewhere in the district should the school close.

On the jump, district policy on school closings.

A school will be considered for closure based on a recommendation from the administration to the Board of Education or the recommendation may originate from the Board.  Consideration for closure will be based on the following factors: excessive cost of operation due to declining enrollment, excessive cost of renovation and repair due to the age and physical condition of the facility or other catastrophic event, dangerous environmental conditions, the educational goals of the District, or the inability of the district to deliver the required curriculum in the facility. The extent of use of the existing facilities in the District will also be factored into the recommendation.


A decision to close a school will be made by the Board of Education.


Prior to any decision to close a school, there will be open discussion of the prospect of closure with the community in which the school is located.  A public announcement of the proposal to close a school will precede the closing date.


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