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Give Dan's regards to Dogtown



The Iconoclast rarely lets a day pass without razzing Fayetteville Mayor Dan Coody, often for his penchant for traveling to exotic destinations on the taxpayers.

Today, Coody gets a backhanded compliment. Coody, The Iconoclast notes, at least travels less than Commodore Patrick Henry Hays, admiral of the Arkansas River Rusty Ready Reserve Fleet and mayor of Argenta, Rose City, Levy, Park Hill, etc.

I'm sorry to admit The Iconoclast relied on a fine piece of reporting in the late Dogtown Wire. Wish I"d noticed it at the time. It reported in August that Mayor Hays had spent more than $23,000 in about 17 months for 30 taxpayer-financed travel excursions all over the U.S. Zowie.

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