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School rumor control



It is easy to get skittish around a crowd of kids, particularly in a week marked by shooting deaths on a college campus. The Fayetteville School District is coping today. A message from the district:

An incident at a private party over the weekend has resulted in myriad rumors about Fayetteville High School. To help clear the air, please note the following:

1) At no time this week has Fayetteville High School been under lockdown.

2) Smoke alarms did sound today around the noon hour due to overcooked popcorn in a microwave oven.

3) There is a heavier than usual police presence at FHS today due to tensions caused by the rumors.

Please help us squelch any unfounded rumors and be confident that the FHS staff is fully aware of the situation and working diligently to maintain order and conduct a normal school day.

Be careful with that popcorn out there.

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