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Charity begins at home



Mike Huckabee has been busy since leaving the presidential campaign. He turns up somewhere every week, either at for-pay events or advancing the Republican campaign. Meanwhile, back home his Huck PAC keeps churning.

According to the most recent quarterly report, Huck PAC pulled in more than $205,000 in the quarter ending Sept. 30 and spent $256,000, leaving the PAC with $150,000 cash on hand.

The PAC says its purpose is "to assist Republicans running for office nationwide."

It seems the Huck PAC poured all of $14,000 into 11 campaigns in the third quarter. Of that, $4,500 went to the Iowa Family PAC, a conservative religious group that helped propel Huck to a caucus victory last summer.

Where did the rest of the $205,000 go if not to candidates? Well, some of the unitemized travel expenses might well have been for trips by Huck to appear for other candidates. But he also spent about $18,400 monthly, or more than $55,000 for the quarter, on a five-person full-time payroll, making from $2,900 to $4,500 a month. Top pay went to his daughter Sarah. 

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