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It's perhaps late in the game -- and the state's cause seems lost -- but Brummett notes that Arkansas Democratic leaders have stepped up appropriately for Barack Obama in recent days. You do want the White House to return your calls.

( reports a new Arkansas poll, by Research 2000, that puts McCain up by 11. Here are the internals.)

And speaking of Arkansas, in a way: Frank Rich writes about the "real America" and what he sees as the media's overemphasis and misunderstanding of the racial element in this year's presidential campaign. There's racism in  America, sure, he writes, but you could argue that age bias has been more important in this race.

Nor is America’s remaining racism all that it once was, or that the McCain camp has been hoping for it to be. There are even “racists for Obama,” as Politico labels the phenomenon: White Americans whose distrust of black people in general crumbles when they actually get to know specific black people, including a presidential candidate who extends a genuine helping hand in a time of national crisis.

Which brings me, in a way, back to Arkansas. Why is it, exactly, that Obama is so far behind here relative to other states? Maybe it's only that he decided there was no point in Arkansas getting to know him better.

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