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Pressly update UPDATE



LRPD says nothing to report today on the beating of Anne Pressly, the KATV morning anchor who remains in critical condition at St. Vincent following the assault in her home Sunday night. A spokesman did mention that officers might be seen in the area of her Club Road home today continuing a search for potential evidence.

UPDATE: I"m going to get weird here. Earlier today, I linked to a report, now missing, from KARK, about a potential piece of evidence in this case. The KARK report, and mine, have gone viral. Network reporters in New York are calling about it and likely will report the tidbit on newscasts tonight. But, I'm told by KARK, the LRPD asked KARK to take the story down for fear it might compromise the investigation. KARK went back and forth on the issue. But it ultimately decided that the best course, if there was a "shred" of possibility of harming the investigation, that they'd pull the report down for the time being. I will follow KARK's lead for the time being, though I'm guessing the criminal is not following the case on the Arkansas Blog. A police statement follows on the jump.

ALSO: Statement today from Pressly's family:

Thank you for continuing to honor our request for privacy. Anne is still in critical condition, and her doctors continue to monitor her very closely. We're praying for her recovery and ask you to please continue to pray for her as well. We will let you know when her condition changes. The Family of Anne Pressly


During our investigation we have obtained many statements and possible leads.  At this time we are following up on all leads.  It has come to our attention that reports are being made in reference to the possible use of evidence from the crime scene.  We are not prepared to release nor encourage the release of any information about possible evidence or information obtained during the investigation of this case. 


We are striving to conduct a through investigation and the untimely release of information, true or false, will interfere with our investigation.  Information that is not released from this office is unofficial and its truthfulness should be in question.  We realize it is your responsibility to report information fast and accurate.  However, at the request of our hard working detectives and the Chief of Police, please refrain from the release of information that might be detrimental to a successful prosecution.


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