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Here's one for you. Evening mail and random observations:

1) Faulker County Young Democrats are camping out tonight to be first in line when early voting begins in Arkansas tomorrow. May their numbers be matched across the state. I still don't accept that Arkansas is a given in the McCain column.

2) Perhaps some of those conservative Democrats who heard Colin Powell's extended remarks today will have a change of heart. It's getting a lot of TV play, that's for sure. His moving tribute to a Muslim soldier killed in action  should -- but won't -- stifle the rampant appeal to bigotry in the McCain campaign. "Un-American" indeed.

3) The Arkansas State Fair, propelled by near-perfect weather on nine days of the 10-day run ending today, drew a record crowd of 467,000, up 25,000 from last year's previous record. The Fair provided the Josh Barron photo below along with a recitation of the event's economic impact. Wonder how much bigger the crowd might be at a more readily accessible location in a neighborhood that -- no offense intended, but this is the political third-rail in the fair relocation discussion  -- discourages some visitors.


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