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A New York Times editorial lucidly explains the overblown ACORN voter registration straw man. The real scandal is in the barriers thrown up against easier voting. You need not guess which party works hardest at disenfranchisement. Tim G., anyone?

UPDATE: The "leak" of an FBI investigation of ACORN is just another slimy Bush administration dirty trick. So suggest people who ought to know: Former Republican U.S. attorneys who were caught up in Attorneygate. Yes, including Little Rock's Bud Cummins.

The way in which the news was revealed today -- Associated Press sourced its report to two "senior law enforcement officials" who "spoke on condition of anonymity because Justice Department regulations forbid discussing ongoing investigations particularly so close to an election" -- is also raising eyebrows.

Both Iglesias and Bud Cummins -- another of the U.S. attorneys who, according to the IG report, was also fired for political reasons -- told TPMmuckraker that DOJ guidelines do allow US attorneys to speak publicly about an investigation, even before bringing an indictment, if it's to allay public concern over an issue.

But that certainly wouldn't cover anonymous leaks. "If you can't say it with your name on it, it's fair to say you should not be saying it," Cummins told TPMmuckraker.

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