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In other words, McCain lost



The Huckster gives his opinion on the debate last night:

My perspective is this. If this were a bowling match, Senator McCain needed a strike. He left a seven and 10 pins, and while it's a hard pick up, it's not impossible.

And here is what I would tell you about Senator McCain, and I have debated him. Don't ever count this guy out. He didn't have the kind of performance tonight where everybody goes, oh, wow, that did it. But what he did was to stay in the game, and for him, he has a remarkable capacity to surprise people at the end.


Huck also bragged about having Joe the Plumber on his talk show Saturday. By then, perhaps, we'll have answers to questions about the nature of Joe's business and whether it would really be affected  by the Obama tax plan; why he doesn't have a plumbing license and whether he's run afoul of voter registration procedures; whether he's a tax deadbeat; whether he's related to the infamous Charles Keating; and undoubtedly more about McCain's little fairy tale. The Huckster may regret this guest before the vetting is over. Joe is already complaining that the discussion should be about issues and not him. Maybe he should have thought about that before the little media stunt this week that thrust him into the limelight. NY Times summarizes.

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