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Over the hump UPDATE



An open line for you. I may check back in re the debate and other matters some time this evening. (The clip above is getting heavy pre-debate use on cable and elsewhere.)

But don't forget: Ms. Norma Bates has her blogging pumps on. The action will be fast and furious there come 8 p.m.

DEBATE UPDATE: With a few minutes left, I'd have to say McCain will be given the edge tonight on his aggressiveness. He's pressing points -- taxes, particularly -- that don't resonate with me, but he's put Obama on the defensive.

By tomorrow, somebody will have found Joe the Plumber. It will be interesting to see how his business income, taxes and financial situation match up with McCain's depiction.

The squabbling over who had the meanest campaign and most obnoxious supporters was tiresome. Obama was right to say voters were interested in other things. McCain was at his worst in pressing the marginal issues of Ayers and ACORN, particularly the demagoguic way in which he portrayed them. Obama's connection with Ayers is clearly small and in a context without suspicion. The same for ACORN and McCain's depiction of flaws in voter registration as a threat to the republic was hyperbolic even by Republican standards.

And now comes abortion.

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