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Wal-Mart on the attack



Thanks to a reader for finding this diary entry on Daily Kos, about a Democrat in NW Arkansas whose daughter was raked over the coals at a party by Wal-Mart execs because her father supported a local Democratic candidate. He gives better than he got. Others in Benton County have been silenced by economic extortionists, but not Arkydem. Sample:

She wasn’t in the door 2 minutes before she was attacked. And I mean attacked. They pounded her on her old man’s intelligence, how could a small businessman be a Democrat? How could a small businessman support these proposed corporate tax increases? How could a small businessman support Obama’s new health plan? How could a small businessman support the tax increases on the rich (over 250K)? On and On...

Now our daughter is a political neophyte. She was not prepared on policy or did she have an historical prospective of how to defend her old man from this onslaught...so, I’m going to do it right here for her and hope she’ll email her "friends" the answers to why her old man, a successful small businessman is a Democrat.

First and foremost, you work for the largest retailer in the world. You know jack shit about the challenges and the risks small business owners face. In fact, the company you work for has single handily destroyed 10’s of 1000’s of small businesses around this country. The fact the Wal-Mart is concerned about my business is laughable.

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