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The church vote



Here's a most interesting poll on religion and national politics.

Obama is leading among Catholics, white mainline Protestants, black Protestants and unaffiliated. But white evangelicals still favor the Republican 65-28. If and when Obama wins a sweeping electoral victory, do remember this number when somebody tries to tell you that the Religious Right represents mainstream thought in America.

Monthly churchgoers favor Obama, but those who go more frequently favor McCain.

Poll shows that religious voters think abortion and gay marriage are waaaay down the list of important issues. Young evangelical voters are not nearly so critical as their elders about same-sex marriage. They are also more pluralistic, support diplomacy abroad and support active government. The times they are a-changing.

UPDATE: The support for Obama among Catholics is interesting because Christ the King Catholic Church was by no means the only one in the U.S. where congregants heard a sermon last week with the clear message that any candidate who did not oppose abortion (i.e., Obama) was an unacceptable candidate. Here's a letter explaining the point from Texas bishops.

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