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Talking point reaches NWA


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I posted an item yesterday about how a Tim Griffin blog suggestion had circulated hours later to Politico's website. And now it's been regurgitated by U.S. Rep. John Boozman. If Karl Rove's fine hand isn't somewhere near the start of this Republican talking point, count me surprised.

It is that a special prosecutor and indictments are needed in response to the financial crisis. It's the classic kneejerk Republican response. I can't possibly be at least partly responsible for my own problems -- say through deregulation and greedy tax policies that encouraged the financial greedheads. No, there must be somebody else to blame and a good spanking is in order. It's all they have. Expect more of it. Boozman doesn't come up with this stuff on his own.

Boozman’s talk about the economic situation seemed to resonate with those attending.

“I think we identified that it’s an intractable problem,” said George Spence, county GOP chairman. “What I really liked was the part about getting some indictments.”


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