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And still more mail



My helpful readers supply more items of note.

CBS poll shows Obama with -- 14 POINT LEAD. I'm not buying, but if swingers are starting to declare, this may reflect a good movement. Thus the desperate effort to tar Obama with terrorism, ACORN, mortgage defaults, anything, no matter how bogus all those are. But, surprise. Voters may know what's really important. Stability. Judgment. Intellect. McCain-Palin are 0-3 there.

In case you wondered, the lovely Norma Bates checks in:

FYI . . . Ms. Bates will be live-blogging from the Press Room of the Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center on the Hofstra University campus during tomorrow night’s debate.

Pre-debate Cocktails and Comments officially begin on the blog tomorrow night at 7 p.m. CDT. But the true story of how NB wound up with an Arkansas Times Press Pass as the guest of the Macks on their Long Island estate is already up, for the incredulous.

Roby Brock at Talk Business touts his daily roundup: Recession? What recession? Not at J.B. Hunt or Bank of the Ozarks. And John Tyson ain't complaining, he of the $150,000 mad money. Most interesting note is persistent rumors about Verizon-Alltel. Will the deal close?

And, on the jump, a Saline County stolen sign report.


I know you had a post on your blog a week or so ago about all the missing Obama signs in Hillcrest.  Just thought I'd let you know that it's happening elsewhere too--Benton to be exact.  Yes, it's probably not much of a shock that there are not a lot of Obama supporters over here in redneck-ville. I've seen 3 or 4 Obama signs in my neighborhood, including the one at my house. Our first sign was stolen Thursday night (the night before the rally, no less!) so we bought another one at the campaign headquarters before the rally on Friday.  The lady at the headquarters said she'd heard several stories of signs being stolen and even asked if we lived in Hillcrest.  Our new sign made it through Saturday, Sunday, and Monday b/c my husband brought it in every night. We forgot last night and the sign was gone this morning.  I picked up two more today during my lunch break.  We're setting up our video camera tonight to see if we might catch the lousy little thief!
It's bad enough that some McCain/Palin person may be taking our signs, but it's really aggravating that they are actually stealing and trespassing.  We've noticed another yard in the neighborhood whose sign has also disappeared and are wondering if theirs was stolen as well.  We don't mind supporting Obama by buying the signs but this stealing thing is getting really old!
Thanks for letting me share!

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