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Huckabee in 2012



Many days left. Voters are fickle. Attention spans are short in the days of cable and the Internet. But, as the reliable Iowa futures market indicates, Obama is a heavy favorite to win the presidency.


One important factor: The lack of enthusiasm on the Republican side. Evidence: the public comments on the Huckpac's blog post on last night's debate. The string seems significantly lacking in reflexive pro-McCain comments. Many people of like mind won't shed tears about a McCain loss. They yearn for a second coming of the Huckabee candidacy in 2012. That's his plan.

UPDATE: Funny. I wrote the above before seeing an extensive American Prospect post about the likelihood of a Huckabee candidacy in 2012. He looks more influential than James Dobson, the article says. Tom DeLay has already said Huck is the man for the year. (Do you get the idea  thatRepubs expect McCain to lose?) The article has a link to a website tracking all the places in the U.S. that fans are praying for Huck, but it's a slow load. Note that his support is stronger in several states than in Arkansas, according to the website. To know him is apparently not necessarily to love him.

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