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On the jump, a call to arms from the Family Council for opposition to the state lottery and support for Initiated Act 1, to throw up  hurdles to adoption and foster parenting.

As you'll see on the jump, the Family Council message demonstrates which side in the Initiated Act fight has a "gay agenda." They do. The Family Council, stymied by courts from making criminals of gay people, seeks to marginalize them in whatever manner possible, here by preventing them from caring for chiildren. The Family Council does not care how many children are harmed by this

What the Family Council doesn't say, what the Associated Press chooses to downplay in its news accounts and what voters need to know is that Initiated Act 1 does not merely prevent gay couples from being parents in Arkansas. It also prevents child placements in homes with unmarried straight couples - lots of them, some of them the best possible place for children in need of help. The victims of this law will be children. It will reduce the number of potential stable homes for them. It will reduce adoptions. It will reduce the number of potential foster parents, gay and straight. All in the name of their "homosexual agenda."  Vote No on Initiated Act 1.


Flyers/Yard Signs now available for your church or group 
I know you are busy. I know you don't have much time. But I'm asking you to make time for this.

In just under 30 days, Arkansans will vote on two critical issues that will have very significant impact on what Arkansas will look like in 2009 and beyond with regard to homosexual foster care and adoption and casinos.

First, the Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act, or ACT 1, will stop the state from putting foster children in gay households. The Department of Human Services has tried to take a good stand on this issue, but since 1999 the ACLU and gay-rights advocates have kept pressuring the DHS to change, and have successfully used the courts to bring about that change. ACT 1 will put an end to it by passing a state law that prevents the state from placing those children with homosexuals. It's time to take this issue out of the hands of gay activists and bureaucrats and settle it once and for a ll. WE MUST PASS ACT 1. www.arkansasadoptionact.com

Second, the state-run lotteries amendment, or Amendment 3, will repeal the only provision in our state constitution that has kept casinos out of Arkansas for the last 134 years. Amendment 3 legalizes state-run casinos. If it passes, our kids and grandkids are going to grow up in a very different Arkansas than the one we grew up in. We have to defeat Amendment 3. www.voteagainstthelottery.com

These are tough battles to fight. The only way to win is simple: those who don't want kids in gay homes and who don't want casinos must have more resolve and passion than those who do. That's it. That's how we win.

We've got the tools you need to win this in your area. We have yard signs and flyers on both issues that need to get into as many hands as possible. As people are informed on these issues, they move in our direction every time. PLEASE ORDER YOUR CAMPAIGN MATERIAL BY REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL OR BY CALLING US DURING BUSINESS HOURS AT 501-375-7000.

Contact us right away. There are less than 30 days left to get our message out!! The last two weeks leading up to the election are the most critical. We need to get our material in the hands of voters right away. Thank you!!! 

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