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God, guns and gays



The Republican formula embodied in the headline is going to get a workout in the final days of the campaign, if the message on Mike Huckabee's PAC website is any indication. And there's  little doubt he's been comparing notes with McCain campaign leaders.

I've said before Huckabee would have been a sharper, tougher and smoother talking running mate than Sarah Palin. That is not to say he's more trustworthy.

Among the erroneous information in his call to arms for Christian soldiers is the assertion that Franklin Raines is "chief economic adviser" to Barack Obama. Fact checker says that's a wild exaggeration. Huck also says Obama "worked" with ACORN. Another bit of misinformation. His misinformation about Acorn's role in the current financial crisis is part of a wildly erroneous campaign theme that Republicans have been pushing for weeks. He misstates by a factor of 100 or more the fees Acorn has received for originating mortgages for low-income families and makes no reference to data that indicates the default rate on low-income mortgage programs has been better than that for the country as a whole.

But back to Huckpac. How do you stand up to the gun-grabbing atheist queers who support Obama? You send money to The Huckster, of course.

From his website:

 We want to ask all our HuckPAC supporters to consider giving at least $5 for each of these 5 reasons that this election is important:

1.  Protection of Human Life

2.  Traditional Marriage

3.  Tax policy that doesn't punish people for working, but rewards them

4.  2nd amendment rights

5.  Supreme Court and Federal Court judge selection

That would be a $25 contribution recognizing the importance of these issues.  Hey, you might have 3 or 4 other issues so feel free to add $15 or $20 if you like !

Naturally, expenses during the month of October are the heaviest we’ll have this year due to the proximity of the elections, but this is the most important appeal we’ll have this year.  I hope we can count on you today!

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