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Spiritual gift


Hendrix College will get $1 million tomorrow to finance a center to encourage students' spiritual development.


CONWAY , Ark. (Oct. 7, 2008) Hendrix College has received a $1 million gift from the Fort Smith-based Miller Foundation to establish an on-campus center enhancing students’ future career decisions and spiritual callings.

The Miller Center for Vocation, Calling and Ethics, created through the foundation organized by Bob and Nadine Miller of Fort Smith , will provide programming, staffing and leadership to assist Hendrix students through challenging life decisions.

The Miller Center will continue and enhance traditions of the college’s Hendrix-Lilly Initiative, a program designed with similar intentions at Hendrix seven years ago and sustained through a five-year implementation grant and a subsequent three-year sustainability grant from the Lilly Foundation. The Miller Center will officially replace the Lilly Initiative in the fall of 2009.

Bob and Nadine Miller are pillars in the United Methodist Church, serving as lay leaders in both local and national Methodist organizations, and have been responsible for numerous philanthropic actions within their Fort Smith community. They have been active supporters of the First United Methodist Church of Fort Smith for decades as well as advocates of the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, a new emergency room and center at a local hospital, and other service-related organizations.

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