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David Sanders provides eyewitness testimony to a report I heard from a couple of places last week -- a van from St. Marks Baptist Church, the predominantly black powerhouse in midtown LR headed by Steven Arnold had been seen in use of crew putting up campaign signs for Little Rock judicial candidate Mark Leverett.

For the record: Leverett's campaign consultant, Robert McLarty, insisted to me last week that no church property had been used in the Leverett campaign. He also said it was merely coincidence that I'd noted that all the Leverett signs I'd seen included his photograph in black neighborhoods but not white neighborhoods. (He's black.) McLarty said a new sign order with photograph had come in and they'd be placed in all neighborhoods. The signs without photographs were just holdovers from the primary election.

More troubling than signs or use of a tax-exempt church's participation in a political race is Leverett's history of fighting the Freedom of Information Act in defending the curious activities of Circuit Judge Willard Proctor's problematic Cycle Breakers probation program, still under investigation by several agencies for its cash-handling and extrajudicial practices. If elected, I wonder, will Leverett, too, form a partnership with Cycle Breakers.

(Somebody asked: No he's not related to Times publisher Alan Leveritt, who spells his last name differently.)

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