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Vote 'No' on Initiated Act 1


The ACLU is seeking other voices willing to speak up against the initiated act that will add roadblocks to adoption and foster parents for kids in need of good homes.

Dear ACLU Supporter,

The ACLU is working with Arkansas Families First to defeat the initiative on this fall’s ballot that would ban cohabitating couples from adopting or fostering children -- and we need your help.

We oppose this initiative because it works against the best interests Arkansas’ children. For example under the proposed law, a mother who wants her child to be raised by a family member or close family friend in the event of her death, wouldn’t be allowed to choose this trusted person if he or she lives with another adult.

This initiative would also hurt the most vulnerable of our children -- those in foster care. Arkansas already faces a severe shortage of good foster homes and this initiative only decreases the likelihood that our foster children will find loving homes.

Real people with real stories will help us convince Arkansas voters to do what’s right and vote “no” on the initiative. If you are a former foster child, or a parent who would want your child to be raised by a cohabitating family member, Arkansas voters need to hear from you.

Click here to share your story and demonstrate to Arkansas voters how our families would be harmed if this proposal becomes law.


Rita Sklar
Executive Director
ACLU of Arkansas


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