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Debate party bingo tonight!



Big night tonight -- Miss Caribou v. Joltin' Joe. Click twice on the image above and get a better look at a model of a Palin Bingo card. Print some at this website (there are several to choose from) and distribute at your watch party. Five-in-row catch phrases and you win!

As she's been mentioning, Norma Bates: Damsel in Distress, will be live debate blogging again tonight. I may check in on it late, but Norma proved in the first presidential debate to be a whole lot more fun for all. She's promising on-the-scene commentary.

McCain people, by the way, are high on Palin's chances tonight and say she'll be on the attack.

UPDATE: Obama's campaign manager takes expectation spin to new levels of insanity with the statement that Palin is one of the best political debaters in America. (She did fine in Alaska, but come on ...)

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