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The great debate UPDATE



Setting up Thursday's big debate, the NY Times offers some video of the two vice presidential candidates in previous debate appearances.

Biden profile here.

Short take: He's experienced and well-versed but prone to gaffes in spontaneous remarks.

One danger for Mr. Biden on Thursday is that his habit of speaking authoritatively, of saying he possesses the truth, will come across as overbearing or condescending, particularly toward someone like Ms. Palin, who lacks his credentials.

Palin profile here.

Short take: Palin did well in debates in Alaska, but spoke mostly in soundbites.

But just as she does now, Ms. Palin often spoke in generalities and showed scant aptitude for developing arguments beyond a talking point or two. Her sentences were distinguished by their repetition of words, by the use of the phrase “here in Alaska” and for gaps. On paper, her sentences would have been difficult to diagram.

UPDATE: Palin has begun trotting out her victim whine on right-wing radio. She's a victim of religious persecution, see.

UPDATE II: Shocker! Palin is an Exxon shill and global warming skeptic.

UPDATE III: A conservative columnist learns first-hand Republican doctrine -- deviate from the party line and you'll be branded a traitor, viciously attacked and threatened. (This is Kathleen Parker, who wrote critically of Miss Caribou. Parker once appeared frequently on the D-G editorial pages. Recently, not so much.)


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