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Budget cutting time


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Pulaski County department heads got the word today that they've asked for $1 million more in expenditures than is expected in revenues. Something's gotta give. (The county no longer has the cushion to deficit spend.)


Date: September 29, 2008
To: Department Heads
Re: 2009 Budget Requests
After the first budget committee meeting on Thursday, it appears that the current budget expense requests exceed the projected revenue by approximately $1,000,000.    I challenge each department head to closely examine their requests prior to presenting to the budget committee for total impact on the Pulaski County budget.   
Some departments are not only requesting changes to their expenditures but are also proposing a change in their contributions to the county general fund.   The net impact of these changes in revenue and expense allocations can have a devastating effect on the ability of the county to provide needed services.    Look closely at any line items in your budget, no matter how small, to see if non essential items can be deleted.   We are faced with rising costs of fuel that impact the ability of our Sheriff to protect our county.   As stewards of tax payer money, we have to make certain that we are spending money on true needs of county government, not items that have customarily been purchased but perhaps could be considered non essential for the function of the department. 
Thank You,
Allen Kerr
Budget Chairman


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