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Mark Pryor and creation



Sen. Mark Pryor's cameo in Bill Maher's new movie "Religulous" (a rip on organized religion) has been mentioned previously. He remarks redundantly on-screen, after expressing doubts about evolution, that the U.S. Senate is not necessarily broken out in smarts. Pryor sloughs it off in a reference in the NY Times today.

“I interviewed Senator Mark Pryor. He’s a senator. He’s not a fringe person. And I said, ‘The way the world began, it couldn’t really be 5,000 years ago in a garden with a talking snake,’ and he said, ‘Yes, it could be.’ Now any religious person you ask that question to is going to give you an answer like that that makes him look silly.”

Mr. Pryor, a Democrat from Arkansas, said he had not seen the movie, but that his interview with Mr. Maher was “very hostile but very constructive.” He added that he did not consider faith and evolution to be in conflict, and that the 5,000 years referred to in some Christian texts might not be literal years. (Mr. Pryor said he considered intelligent design a discipline of science, though courts have ruled otherwise.)

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