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Fun with numbers -- RV edition



We'll stipulate that the RV convention in NLR has an economic impact. Downtown restaurants were busy with RVers at lunch yesterday. But please.

Commodore Hays was quoted in the D-G today as estimating a financial impact up to $5 million, the figure mentioned in the headline.

Presume there are 1,000 RVs in town. That's $5,000 per RV. That's $1,000 per day for the five-dayconvocation, or $700 per day if you say every single one of the supposed 1,000 RVs arrived two days early and stayed the full run. Since none is renting a hotel room, since many cook out in their rolling palaces, since they're not using much gas while they're parked, you really have to employ a fancy rollover formula to produce this bodacious figure.

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