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Too rich. Since Sarah Palin became Arkansas Alaska governor, she's been cashing in on gifts. Many thousands worth including trips for hubby and kids. (Bet The Huckster wishes Arkansas had Alaska's ethics laws.) Palin took the gifts from people with major lobbying interests, naturally.

So she's sleazy as well as unqualified.

The Couric interview clips keep coming. What a bangup job Couric did. Charlie Gibson, friend of the capital gains crowd, should hang his head. The latest interesting clip is Palin's effort, in response to a question about her lack of interest in foreign travel and world issues, to brand as elitist or rich anybody who'd traveled earlier in life.

"I'm not one of those who maybe come from a background of, you know, kids who perhaps graduated college and their parents get them a passport and a backpack and say, 'Go off and travel the world.' Noooo. I worked all my life. In fact, I  usually had two jobs all my life, until I had kids. ... I was not part of, I guess, that culture."

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