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Whose side are they on?



Speaking of scraps of bread:

Some Democrats are pushing for help in bankruptcy court for beleaguered homeowners to renegotiate terms of ruinous mortgages.

Among other things during a sorry performance on Katie Couric, it didn't sound like Sarah Palin has much sympathy:

COURIC: Would you support a moratorium on foreclosures to help average Americans keep their homes?

PALIN: That's something that John McCain and I have both been discussing whether that is part of the solution or not ... you know, it's going to be a multifaceted that has to be found here.

COURIC: So you haven't decided whether you'll support it or not?

PALIN: I have not.

COURIC: What are the pros and cons of it, do you think?

PALIN: Well, some decisions that have been made poorly should not be rewarded, of course.

COURIC: By consumers, you're saying?

PALIN: Consumers and those who were predator lenders also.

Palin is, of course, no worse than Arkansas's Senators Pryor and Lincoln, who, as late as our deadline this week, couldn't bring themselves to support mortgage relief. It is just like the credit card company relief act that Lincoln carried: If poor folks don't get bled, how will the rich folks make any money?

Is some of the Republican obfuscation and dishonesty and continuing entrenched support for the billionaires sinking in with the electorate? It will if episodes such as occurred last night continue. When McCain canceled on David Letterman at the last minute, the result wasn't pretty for McCain. Read a report on the jump. Also see excerpt above.

And speaking of TV: Appeals Court Judge Wendell Griffen, who's begun blogging on a variety of topics, observes that George Bush wasn't exactly the pitchman you'd want to sell an economic bailout plan. But he was the last reserve on a thin bench so send him in they did last night, to the snores of America.

And speaking of Palin: Here's the latest in witchcraft news.




He devoted his entire hour (more or less) to a non-stop assault on John McCain, who called him personally at the last possible moment to bail out of the show to run back to Washington to save the nation. He told Letterman he was calling on his way to the airport to get on the plane.

Letterman showed tape of what he was REALLY doing: Getting slathered with makeup and muttering to himself preparatory to being interviewed by Katie Couric.

To show his appreciation for getting shafted by McCain, Letterman called in a substitute guest Keith Olbermann!

Letterman mused, Is it really the cratering economy or plunging poll numbers that caused him to "suspend his campaign."

Olbermann outlined how McCain trick-fucked Obama. It was Obama's idea to call McCain and suggest they issue a joint statement on the economy. McCain agreed then jumped on camera to unilaterally announce that he was suspending the campaign and zooming back to DC to solve the crisis.

I say we are at the tipping point: If the Democrats can't come up with a way to show McCain for the treacherous grandstanding old fool that he is, we can't win in November.

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