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Saying no to coal



Just in is this report from Glen Hooks of the Sierra Club on action by the Governor's Commission on Global Warming (the commission is only advisory, but add more voices to the anti-coal pile):

The Governor’s Commission on Global Warming just took action on the side of public-minded citizens throughout the state of Arkansas, and recommended that no new coal-fired power plants be built in Arkansas unless and until they can safely sequester carbon dioxide emissions.  This will apply to the dirty plants proposed for southwest and northeast Arkansas. 

This is spectacular news:  a broad-based, inclusive state commission has looked at and studied the issue for several months, listened to all sides, and has come down in favor of protecting our state’s environmental and public health.  The members of the Commission are to be congratulated and thanked for their thorough and dedicated service.

It is our sincere hope that Governor Beebe and the Legislature will carefully consider and follow the Commission’s recommendations during the 2009 session, and keep dirty coal-fired power plants from being built in The Natural State.

Better to hold your breath in expectation of more coal emissions than to hold your breath waiting for the governor and legislature to do such a thing.

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