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Snake handlers UPDATE



Susan Altrui at the Little Rock Zoo offers a TV tip for tonight:

Our herpetologist, Randall Berry, will be featured in tonight’s episode of Extreme Forensics on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Randall was interviewed about the death of a Scotsman who was found dead in 2004 his car that was parked at the Little Rock National Airport.  Not far from the car was a box of highly venomous snakes.  It is speculated that his death was caused by the snakes which included a twig snake, green mamba, black mamba, and a forest cobra.  The Little Rock Zoo was asked to pick-up the snakes and to identify them for authorities.  Randall was the zoo keeper and herpetologist who responded, collected the snakes, and identified them. The snakes were later sent to a Zoo in Texas.  

Go here for Berry's encounter with a reticulated python.

UPDATE: Uh, never mind. I've just heard from a producer of the TV series (aren't those darned Internets something?) She says she mistakenly told Berry he'd be featured in the first episode of the show tonight. His segment likely won't appear until the THIRD episode.

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